Winners of the preliminary at DoKoMi 2017

At Saturday 3th June 2017 13 trainer got into our arena at DoKoMi to fight for their entry into the finals at Frankfurt Bookfair! Out of thirteen three teams managed to gain the Thunder Badge and will perform in Frankfurt.



1. Place: Jessica „Revy“ D. and Nicoletta „Usagay“ M. as Oda Nobuna and Nagahide (Oda Nobuna No Yabou)

„We love to change into new roles and act like your most favourite character! Our participation was rather spontaneous. For Nicoletta it was the first DCM preliminary and also the first cosplay performance on stage! As a team it’s way more fun!“




2. Place: Ashley „ilunaneko“ van der L. and Eva „HeartDice“ H. as Suigintou and Shinku (Rozen Maiden)

„We like about cosplay is the overall experience. It includes to many perspectives, not only sewing. That’s really fascinating! With every project you start you have to gain new skills you’d never imagine to combine. Then you creatie an awesome costume and have a wonderful day wearing it.“



3. Place: Juliane „-Yuki-sama-“ P. and Charlotte „Motte“ K. as Asami Sato und Korra (The Legend of Korra)

„The DCM is a really special challenge for us because it has a different focus than other competitions. This is our third competition together and we really grow together as a team!“


Congratulatuions to our winners!

Photos by Arne Beilschmidt.


Our next preliminary takes place at  Franco in Bamberg!

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