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14. January 2019 - Winner of the German Cosplay Championship 2018



Here are the winners of this years German Cosplay Championship 2018!

1st Place: Anna “KuraiOfAnagura” S. as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2nd Place: Miriam “Gemini” S. as Verka Serduchka (Singer) from Eurovision Song Contest 2007
3rd Place: Christina”Laverna” F. as  Tala from Vaiana
4. Place: Joana “Schneiderpueppchen” M. as Pharmacist from Mononoke
5. Place: Annemarie “LiaDeBeaumont” M. as Princess Tutu from Princess Tutu
Public choice “Best performance”: René Raider M. as King Endymion from Sailor Moon Crystal
Public choice “Best costume”: Stefanie Shuichi S. as Claire from Outlander

Congratulations to all winners!