Winners of the preliminary at Anime Marathon 2017

At the first preliminary this season at Anime Marathon on Saturday 29.04.2017 two teams got the possibility to qualify for this year’s finals.

Finalist 1 & 2:


Nicole „Yami-no-tenshi“ B. and Lydia „Xx_LiL_xX“ Sch. as Aoba und Noiz (Dramatical Murder)

„Regarding the DCM we like especially the transparent rating system. The focus lies on the costume not on the performance. Despite it’s nice to meet friends here! Our goal is to finally get the title this year! Follow us on Twitter if you want to know what we’ll cosplay in the finals.“



Finalist 3 & 4:


Mareike  „Saphira-chan01“ W.  and Marianne „Serenity-Hime“ K. as Snow White und Queen Grimhilde

„The variety is what we like about Cosplay. It doesn’t know any limits! You can decide how you want to do every single part of the costume and you can decide the character you want to be. Comic, Manga, Anime, Movie – it doesn’t matter. We do have plans for the finale since our participation last year. But we won’t tell you yet.“



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