This is a short summary of the rules of the German Cosplay Championship 2017.

minimum age:

16 years

performance time:

preliminaries: single – 1:30 minutes, team – 2:00 minutes
final: single – 2:00 minutes, team – 3:00 minutes


10 days before each prelim.

multimedia at the prelims:

It is allowed to use audio sequences at the prelims.

multimedia at the final:

It is allowed to use audio and video sequences as well as light effects.

rules for prelims and final:

The stage must not be soiled.

Throwing objects at the audience is not allowed.

Immoral behavior will be punished with disqualification.

It is forbidden to bring animals with you and make them part of your performance.

The organizer is in charge for assistants if needed. The assistant is allowed to give or to take the microphone. It is not allowed to bring your own assistants.

visual sample

The sample on which the costume is based has to be an official/licensed picture of a marketed product or a product that is designed to be marketed.

The character has to be seen completely (head to toes) and in front respectively slightly tilted and should be represented completely.

It’s possible to hand further pictures/a collage for the details of the costume.

It’s allowed to hand a picture for specific colors. You can also bring a print of this picture with you to avoid color variatons due to different screen adjustments.

The character as well as his clothes, gear and weapons are not allowed to be edited on the picture.

rules on arms

For the rules on arms please check the guidelines of the organizers of each preliminary.