We get many questions about the competition. At this point we would like to give a brief overview of the most important to you.

Is there a registration deadline?

Yes, 10 days before a competition the registration incl. original image must be received. This deadline also applies to other, optional information such as character description and audio files.

Is there only a single competition?

No. The DCM is held rotatory as single and team championship.

Do I have to wear the same costume worn at the preliminary in the finals?

No. Each participant is free to do a new costume for the finals or to use the one from the preliminary round. However, it should be noted that the expense is valued less in a costume that was ever worn in a DCM competition.

Can I compete in the DCM with different partners?

Yes, as long as none is already qualified for the finals or did take part at already three preliminaries, this is no problem.

Are only anime/manga characters allowed?

True to the spirit of cosplay any character is allowed. The only requirement is: There must be an (unmodified and licensed) original image of the character. Fanarts are not allowed.

Can I change my costume plans?

Until 10 days before the preliminary decision you can change all details of your registration at “Termine & Anmeldung”.

Who is going to get into the finals?

Depending on the number of participants up to six participants or five pairs of a preliminary round will be chosen to participate in the finals. For the anniversary season 2016 this rule had to be changed so there will be a chance for up to two single cosplayers and two teams. 

Cosplay is a hobby and not a competition!

Cosplay is a wonderful hobby and we as a the German Cosplaychampionship love it all. And we think that everybody who loves this hobby, should therefore have the chance to compete with other cosplayers in a fair competition.

May purchased/non-self-produced costumes be worn?

Yes, those costumes are allowed. However, it must be specified which has been purchased or produced by other people. This affects the assessment.

Can I as a “Non-German” cosplayer participate in the championship?

The DCM is an open German championship. Participation is therefore open for anybody. The only condition is that a possible participation in the finals must be scheduled.

Are the finalists financially supported?

Yes, the finalists will be supported by the Frankfurt Book Fair with the acquisition of travel expenses and free accomodation for the finals.

“There are always the same people getting awarded!”

If someone is very good, he deserves to win if his costume and appearance is best. But nobody will be prefered by the judges and the whole team. And that is why we wish good luck and success to everybody in a fair competition.

Whom can I contact for further questions as a participant?

For general questions about the competition please turn to our participants supervisor Daniela.

Isn’t the whole thing too serious with such a set of rules?

We are convinced that a fair competition can only be held properly if rules are given. The most serious business is that of the jury and those responsible in the background because they need to get used to an extensive set of rules. Of the participants, however, we expect no less than that they thrill the audience and us with their performances.