Yasmin Hofmann Estevez

Yasmin Hofmann Estevez


Tätigkeit bei der DCM:

seit 2016/2017 Presse PR


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erstes Cosplay:

Kikyo (InuYasha)


Why are you cosplaying?

One hobby is simply not enough. Cosplay has so many facettes e.g. Make-Up-Artist, designer, tailor, crafting and so on. In addition to that you can create wonderful costumes and work with so many different matierals to express the love for your favourite character. That’s what I love about this hobby.

Why are you working for the DCM?

2007 I watched the very first finals at Frankfurt from the front line. 2016, after my studies and educations, I got the possibility to support the DCM activily in a section I’m also working in everyday life. I simply had to applicate! Cosplay is such a marvelous activity. The DCM wants to show this to the world and I want to help the best way I can.