winners 2014

German Cosplaychampions

Dorothea K. & Melinda N.

There are always teams that find themselves the perfect cosplay for the finals and want to make it absolutely – even against all odds. For this team it’s been absolutely clear what they wanted to wear and what they wanted to do on stage from the very beginning. Planning and implementation took just over two months time, but the effort has definitely paid off. At the award ceremony the happy and stunned winners had tears in their eyes! Dorothea says: “We never expected to do so well bacause of the combination of the chosen characters from a musical and us singing live on stage. We were able to win the championship and this despite the hardcore competition this year… That’s an enormous honor for us!” And Melinda admits: “The price itself was not important to us. It was about the costumes, the characters and “Dance of the Vampires”. To win a trip to Japan is an extra bonus!”

photographer: Daniel “FREAKed” Schauer