winner 2015

German Cosplaychampion

Nicole M.

A beautiful example of how much passion you can put into a cosplay is the champion of the year 2015. Her passion is the game series “Zelda” and so she decided to do a very special character for the final of the German Cosplaychampionship. From the beginning she did not think she could save only a placement with her version of Horrorkid but all of her hard work and thoughts on the details e. g.  the selection of materials, the structure of the tree bark skin of the character, the accessory and also her emotional appearance have paid off in the end. Almost stunned Nicole accepted her award. “It was important for me to spread a little goose bumps and entertain the audience with the story of Horrorkid and it seems I have actually succeeded. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words. Thank you to everyone who has been happy for me. All this really moved me and still touches me deeply.”

Fotograf: Van „Chikara“ Tran