As the DCM is now a few years old, we would like to like to give a brief overview of the development of the competition. You can find more detailed information in the (German) Wikipedia article about the German Cosplay Championship.



The Animexx e.V. and the Frankfurt Book Fair join to hold the first German Cosplay Championship. A female and a male champion are selected.

  • Preliminaries: 8



Expansion of regional preliminaries.

  • Preliminaries: 11



It’s the last time that a female and a male champion are selected. The separation of the sexes in the competition gets canceled.

  • Preliminaries: 8



The DCM is held as a championship for cosplay teams for the first time. From now on the competition rotates annually between the execution of a single and a team championship.

  • Preliminaries: 9



The DCM gets its own youtube channel, where now all skits performed at the preliminaries and the grand finale are shown.

  • Preliminaries: 9



The rating system gets revised.

  • Preliminaries: 8



The number of preliminary decisions gets reduced in order to ensure better utilization of the preliminaries.

  • Preliminaries: 5