During the last twenty years the manga and anime boom that started in Japan has jumped over to Europe. In Germany there is a huge fanbase that’s still growing. The fans are not only interested in the comics and movies but also in all facets of Japanese culture. This includes the very popular “cosplay” (abbreviation of the English term “costume play”). “Cosplayers” slip into the role of their favorite character, dress up and act like them. There is a wide amount of competitions where the cosplayers will compete against each other.
Since 2002, cosplay has its place at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2007 the largest international book fair and Germany’s biggest manga and anime community Animexx e.V. established the first official, nationwide competition in Germany:  the German Cosplay Championship (DCM as abbreviation of Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft in German). The finals of the championship take place in October at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The goal of the DCM is to provide a structured and fair competition as well as a platform to present cosplay in Germany and make the Japanese pop culture known to the public.